Lease Management Software - Australia and New Zealand

Lease management system for tenants or portfolio managers

Easily manage the entire lease life cycle - from reminders through to lease portfolios, rent reviews, insurances and documentation

What is lease management software and what is it important?
Lease management is a critical area that consists of managing all elements of a property lease. These range from start and end date of the lease, lease renewals, payment frequencies, rent review tracking, invoices, increases, responsible person for the lease, option review dates, lease terms, cleaning, water and aircon charges, correspondence management through to insurance and deposit records.

Lease Management Platform
Accounster offers an entirely self managed platform for lease management which can be used for lease portfolios through to a single lease for a single tenant. Manage and track new openings, refurbishments, all leasing related documentation, lease renewals, maintenance with automated lease reminders. From franchise agreements and franchisee leases through to retail lease portfolio management. Our lease managemeny system has been designed to be simply and quick to adopt with flexible modules you can mix and match to suit you what actually need.

Lease application Management

Manage lease applications, checks and approval conditions

Lease document management

Create, store and distribute all leasing documentation throughout lease life cycle

Lease portfolio management

Managing a whole lease portfolio from store expansions, relocations and new builds through to an overview of multiple properties

Lease Management Platform

Easy dashboard all about what's critical when it comes to leases

Centralise what's important when it comes to leases

  • Critical lease dates and clauses to be aware of in advance
  • Lease documentation
  • Communications registry
  • Rent review reminders
  • Lease option exercise reminders

A centralised area to manage everything about your lease from lease negotiations to store plans and notes.

Insert the Accounster Lease Management AI into your organisation

Ask natural language questions about your lease, it answers them! Lease Management artificial intelligence
Rent reviews

Ask about rent reviews, discover trends, movements and comparisons

Identify clause issues

Track critical clauses you need to be aware of

Lease options

Generate intelligence around lease options well in advance


Streamline the negotiation process through data driven decisions.


SMS reminders and communication history

Powerful lease insights

Insights and intelligence on occupancy cost, rents, lease terms and conditions.