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Company Age Option Location Budget
SaaS Enterprise Software 4 years 100% Sale New York City 1 million Enquire
ECommerce Marketplace 6 years Investment Ohio 1.5 million A round Enquire
Personal Training 12 years Sale Washington DC NDA required Enquire
SaaS commercial building software 8 years Sale New York City 10 million Enquire
Company Age Option Location Budget
Web Developer Network 7 years 100% Sale New York City NDA required Enquire
Ecommerce Platform in Medical Area 4 years 100% Sale New York City 1 million Enquire

Business Management Software

Improve your business

Due Diligence Management

Prepare for the due diligence process of an investment or business sale in advance and as you grow your business

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Agile SMS and Mailout tools

Customisable SMS and Mailout tools to communicate with your customers, suppliers and prospects.

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Artificially Intelligent Follow Ups

Sending an invoice, quote or meeting request? Our artificial intelligence will follow them up!

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Business Improvement Tools

Easy Dashboard for Business Owners

Manage your suppliers, invoices, quotes, customers, surveys, create forms and much more

  • Customer Relationship Management System
  • Manage Contacts
  • Create Custom Online Forms
  • Easy Survey Creation

A dashboard for business owners created by business owners.

Centralise and Automate your Business

How many do you send out a day?

Automate, streamline and simplify new invoices


Surveys on customer service, the sales process or new products.


Automatic reminders on invoices, quotes or meeting requests.


Streamline the quoting process to potential customers.


Send out SMS's to customers, potential prospects and grab people who aren't responsive to email.


Capture information online and create an IP resource for your business.